• My Name Is Bill Benfer

    I Am Running For Congress In 2018

    Bill Benfer for House of Representatives New Jersey 2nd Congressional District

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  • Clean Energy Manufacturing Facilities

    It is my dream to bring manufacturing back to Southern New Jersey without destroying our areas natural resources or polluting the planet. This idea stems from the fact that we can create clean and renewable energy resources through manufacturing, right here in Southern Jersey. I like to call it a new Industrial Revolution, and it could begin with us.

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  • Help Farmers, Help The Community, Help The Environment

    My plan to help local farmers keep their land, provide energy and help their communities.

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  • My Five Point Education Plan

    Our district, district 2, is the least educated district in the state. We can beat this by giving our kids more options without limiting them to private or charter schools. By making our public educational systems more complete and redistributing funds more fairly, we can do it without raising areas taxes. To me, this is a bipartisan win.

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The Issues

Tax Reform

It should be a bipartisan view that we need comprehensive tax reform on both the local state and federal sides of the coin. Party rhetoric should be pushed aside so that this can get done.

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New Jersey pays some of the highest taxes in the country. We need to lower them and reform the uses of the ones that are necessary.

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Climate Change

Since 2004, the United States has spent more than $300 billion on clean up and reconstruction from damage caused by violent storms. Call it whatever you want, but, it isn’t going away anytime soon.

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Renewable Energy

Whether you believe that climate change is from human activity or not, renewable energy is the economic future in energy resources. We either start a new Industrial revolution now or get left behind.

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Oklahoma went from 2 earthquakes at 3.0 or higher a year to 585 last year. Fracking has been proven to be the cause of this increase. It’s not a viable answer.

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Solar energy is a booming business that continues to rise in popularity. To fully utilize the functionality of Solar power, we must commit to a more wide range use. Lets start now!

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K-12 Students

We need to rethink our economic position on Education as a possibility for profit. These kids are our future and should not be subjected to the greed of those who would try to profit from them.

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Charter Schools

Charter schools have been proven to be less effective than the public school model. Perhaps fixing our public schools should take priority rather than making more problems.

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I am the son of a teacher and I am now married to a teacher. Our approach to teachers is to blame first, explain later. We need to listen to our teachers and support them.

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Economic Development

We need to rethink how we make money in our country. We must manufacture more renewable resources and clean energy solutions to keep up with the global economy.

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