About Me

I am running as an Independent with no affiliation to a party. I am doing this as a way to show my commitment to the area over any other entity that may conflict with, or restrict me from, working with the people of the District.

I was born and raised in Millville, NJ in Cumberland County. My father was a teacher of Earth Science at Bridgeton High School and my mother was a secretary to the Principal at Millville Senior High School. I have been connected to the community through swimming competitively in the area since I was 7 years old with the Millville Marlins YMCA and then with the Millville High School team, where I was eventually named co-captain of the team my senior year, all the way up to the time I was a Sophomore at Rowan College of New Jersey.


I have worked for the State of New Jersey in two capacities. The first was as an employee of the State Parks and Forestry services as a lifeguard at Belleplain State Park. The second was as a Corrections Officer at Southern State Correctional Facility.

"It is my dream to bring manufacturing back to Southern New Jersey without destroying our areas natural resources or polluting the planet"

For Our Families

In 2003, I moved to San Diego, California and spent 11 years in that area where I got married to my beautiful wife Amy. During that time in Southern California, my wife and I had our children and began our wonderful family. To allow our children to be closer to our family, we decided to move back to the area.

For New Jersey

Since moving back in 2014, I have noticed that the area has changed. The opportunities that I was afforded as a young person seem to have gone away or changed. There are more retail jobs and less industry jobs. More and more houses are boarded up and, what were once thriving communities, now seem to be shells of their former selves. I want to change all this. I want to fight for my communities. I have some ideas that I believe will bring jobs, new money and more opportunities for the residents of South Jersey. I hope you will vote, not for me, but for the ideas that can reshape and reestablish the economy of our area. So that we can thrive as a district once again.